Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox

lush Lux peach

celestial azure orbs

misty musk soddened mounds

siren squeal start

listen glisten glow

scatter scented glass

shatter shrill drop

crunch squeeze crunch

crumple stumble stop

flip flop buzz deflate

nuzzle pulsate




Under the Table

photo: DAZ

Under the Table

I could be losing my touch.

That complex cleverness dripping my muchness

into a puddle of doubt on the floor

underneath a table of gum stalactites: 

crystallized, chewed-up, neon mounds,

once full of cerebral flavor,

oozed in muse booze, now

withered and wrinkled.

I'm left alone to spelunk

for my gems of rhymes.