Monday, February 9, 2015

Quickie in the Board Room


please wipe that bored look off your face
as i can see
your mind, too, wanders 
off to sultry places

Play | She's Art

| Incipiens |

sharpen this pen
coil strummed strings
around my teeth
as white as piano keys,
and play
to a beat
that is my own.

ladies. yes, ladies and gentlemen,
she's losing her hair,
and her eyes,
the color of violet rain.
and she's here
to shed her locks
and cry amuck,
while the grand folk
rattle luscious jewels,
suck on stringy baubles
and quizzically mutter,
she's art.

Monday, February 2, 2015

R&B: Red&Blues

I’ma sit here
While the paint dries.
Wet since last night.
Last night,
When the lights were out,
And without a doubt
Mine was yours.
Yours and mine.
Your blue,
those blues,
even in the dark
are electrified.

But those walls,
Once smooth
Now cracked.
Those blues
even in the light
are black.
Daylight unveils
The flailing shadows
I bathed in
Last night.