Friday, April 22, 2011

Fall Out of the Wackness: A night out at Richmond's (private!) dance club

High energy industrial-house music is strobe-lighting along Fall Out's black, graffiti-filled walls. The bass-booming soundtrack is accompanied with underground avant-garde fashion that clash beautifully with the conventional world outside.

At first glance the atmosphere appears intimidating with the coolness of the crowd (I.e. No bumping and grinding, dancing solo is encouraged) but once the music gets pumping, its easy to see that this is just another club- but with a leather studded twist. From Muse, to Manson, to Hansel and Gretel, to Lady Gaga - the music is just as experimental as the pseudo-Alexander McQueen-style of the patrons.

Fall Out's Leather and Lace theme night prompted Gothic Lolitas to shamelessly strut their ghoulish glamour on the dance floor - Morticia Addams-inspired corsets, kohl-soaked eyes, and attitudes blaring louder than the music - this place is the antithesis of your generic club where the music and patrons promote experimental artistry rather than mass produced digitized droning.

Just remember to don some industrial strength kicks for all that dancing - no pansy shoes allowed in here -

Check out Fall Out's Website for their Weekly Shindigs and Membership Info:

Fall Out Club RVA

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