Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Feast on RVA Hedonism

With a bit of oddball timing and a peach moonshine buzz, I was able to show my girls, ZannyEm and LibLove, Richmond hedonism of getting dolled up, grubbed down, and grooved on all on a Thursday night.

Starting out with a hurricane of exploding suitcases - 4 pairs of shoes for a one night fest?
Eh, traveling light is overrated - gotta have your options on the road.
A mish-mash of flapper, goth, ballerina, and even disco - we find our evening attire amidst the mini consignment shop that became my room.
**Props to the navy leather chain-mail top courtesy of ZannyEm's mama -- paired on top of a vintage Victoria's Secret white lace leotard and an American Apparel blazin blue pair of disco pants with grey suede Apepazza knee highs - one of my favorite ensembles to date**

Funky Fraiche 

Bootlegged, we stomped on over to Ipanema -- RVA's finest in South American-style vegan dining. Sipping on margaritas and munching on polenta fries dipped in kalamata ketchup (one of the best twists on a condiment as I've never met an olive I didn't like) and jalapeno and queso fresco pupusa cakes paired with salsa (a mouthful in many ways).
The braised tofu sandwich is a staple-- whatever they do to this bland-tasting block of soy is a pure gastronomical delight - tastes like chicken! (An omnivore's comparison as my compadres are vegan). The tempeh with black beans and greens were a favorite -- vegan comfort food at it's finest!

With bellies on the brink of a food coma, we paid our bill (around 30 bucks each for appetizers, entrees, and drinks) and headed out to work off the itis at my own version of a gym: dancing at the Camel (shout out to the bouncer for offering to hold on to our savory leftovers, while we cut a much needed groove)

The three of us had no problem carving out a boogy spot as Yarn played some good ol' fashioned blue grass that makes you dance with a twang. Pair it with some bourbon and we might as well be back in the Blue Ridge mountains (check out Sedalia, Virginia).

Come 2 AM, the feast we saved was the creme fraiche on a delectable pupusa cake of a night!

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